Quantum computing super atom Quantum computing super atom

Dawn of the Quantum Age

“We are at the beginning of a new era in the application of Quantum Physics. From computing to tele­communi­cations and from healthcare to energy, the most sign­ificant innovations and inventions of our time are manifest at the Quantum Level.

Does this herald the onset of the Quantum Age? Paradigm-changing Quantum Technologies provide significant solutions to current global challenges in many critical areas of human endeavour and may also present outstanding opportunities for proactive, brave and technologically savvy inventors, innovators and investors.”

Executive Summary

Quantum Innovation Labs (QiLabs) is a new investment and evaluation platform for quantum technologies, conceived with smart sources of capital. QiLabs creates the ideal marketplace to source funding and industrial collaboration for credible Quantum Technology (QT) projects.

World Class Excellence

QiLabs is conceived to be a world-class centre-of-excellence in the area of Quantum Technologies 2.0 (QT2) that focuses on fundamental and applied research in this emerging field to deliver the promise of the swiftly unfolding quantum age.

Funding R&D

Quantum Innovation Labs (QiLabs) seeks to fund research and development via smart sources of capital in paradigm-changing QT2 technologies that provide significant solutions to current global challenges in ten core interlocking areas:

  1. Q-bit mathematics
  2. Q-bit algorithms & software models
  3. Quantum clocks
  4. Quantum sensors
  5. Quantum precision Components
  1. Quantum cryptography
  2. Quantum telecommunications
  3. Quantum computing
  4. Quantum healthcare
  5. Quantum energy devices

QiLabs incorporates the International Quantum Exchange for Innovation (IQ:EI) which brings together the 20+ national centres of excellence in Quantum Technologies 2.0 (QT2).

Investment Pool

The initial investment pool that QiLabs has access to is around USD 1.5 billion from a number of business angel investors, tech entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, investment funds and top financial institutions across Europe, North America and Asia.