Quantum security over the internet Quantum security over the Internet

Investment in Quantum Coherence and Entanglement

We are at the beginning of a new era where the principles of hitherto esoteric quantum physical phenomena are applied in unique ways via QT2 in the real world. Evidence is quickly mounting of the use in nature of QT2 properties and processes, such as entanglement. Entanglement is where two entities or systems appear to be separate but through quantum coherence act as one system, with states being able to be transferred wholesale from one entity to the other but without a known signal being transferred. Recent science has shown that quantum coherence and entanglement provide unprecedented insight into a host of mysteries in nature. For example, how photosynthesis in plants works, how birds migrate vast distances and many more complex operations.

Quantum understanding is going beyond providing insight in a few specific cases. It is quite fundamentally providing a new level of analytical detail. Not only are QT2 technologies many orders of magnitude more capable, but the underlying physics provides a description of nature which is orders of magnitude more exact. This paradigm shift in physical analysis is the solid foundation from which disruptive technological advances are an inevitable consequence.

The dividing line between the micro world of quantum and the macro world of classical physics is fading, and it is the proactive, visionary and bold investors who are now capitalising on the technological application of such quantum processes by backing the most advanced scientific teams and associated entrepreneurs.

Need to Back R&D Led Quantum Innovation

The possibility for non-invasive high sensitivity detection and diagnostics opened by QT paves the way for a whole new range of applications for healthcare and medicine. The pathway to innovation goes both ways: technologies are invented which then need the support of theoretical underpinnings, and emerging-science theories also can drive technological development, and the prescient investor is proactive on both fronts.

Investing in Future Technologies

The same principles of quantum entanglement and coherence apply to other fields, such as telecommunications, cryptography, computers, and energy. Imagine communication devices that need no cables or even a wireless infrastructure. Imagine information being transported over vast distances in a non- local state-dependent way, no faster than the speed of light, with nobody being able to observe what is being sent instead of being able to examine that data in visible packets. These are the technologies of the future, based on science that is happening right now.

Massive Opportunity for Investment Selection

QiLabs is at the forefront of nurturing QT innovations. The market for this type of Research and Development (R&D) is almost limitless. QiLabs initially invests in R&D projects that hold extraordinary promise in the areas of quantum healthcare, cryptography, computing, communications and energy. The opportunity for return on investment is likely to be substantial in these inter-related areas.